Samantha Castillo: how did you guys hook up with stabbing westward for your upcoming tour??
Steve: They asked us if we would like to go and tour in America and we said yes.
Brian: It seemed like a good idea at the time
nutcracker: What is the meaning behind the boy and the 2 women on your album covers?
Brian: They boy represents a kind of tragic beauty, it's an image of innocence which already seems to be feeling that the weight of the world is too heavy. The twins represent a bond which is impossible to understand and to break. Its a relationship that rises beyond the sexual.
a member of the blue-rinse brigade: Have you ever shagged someone over 50?
Steve: Yes nearly.
brian: Nearly
adam: OK Brian, can you settle a little dispute between me and my sister. Isn't a Gibson SG better than a Fender Jaguar and thats the reason you play one now? (SG's rule!)
Steve: Drums rule.
brian: Neither of you are right. They sound completely different. Try Jazz Master, Fender Six.
pauline: where did you buy this great red dress you wore at the show in Marseille(france)?
stefan: Hysteric Glamour, procured by stylist and squeezed on in a not dissimilar fashion to a condom.
freak child: Why do interviews with you hardly mention anything about your music? I think you play awesome songs and I'd like to see you talk about them more.
Brian: Because journalists are lazy wankers.
hayley icke: what would u rather be the hero or the villain
Steve: I'm Spartacus
Stefan: I'm Buzz Aldrin
Brian: Obviously the villan - much more fun.
leeanne frederick.:'s the significance to the #'s you sing at the end of 36 Degrees?
Stefan: They are the numbers for our local curry house in the east end.
James Canty: Why have you never released an enhanced CD?
Brian: Because they havent developed the right kind of lubricant.
stefan: Circumference of 31, length 36.
Rebecca: Have you hit anyone in the last six months and how do u like the US ?
steve: I decked my hairdresser three nights ago, because he was being drunk and nasty.
Brian: No, but I wish I was big enough.
Stefan: No, but send me an airline trip to San Fransisco and I'll go.
Gilly: Brian once described you as a cross between Dr Spock and a creme egg, is this close to how you'd describe yourself?
Brian: The viking from vulcan has spoken.
Stefan: Yes, but I started to melt and that's only logical captain.
perfect peice of trash: What is that picture on the front of the Bruise Pristine original fierce panda release?
Brian: It's a Cecil Beaton photograph of children in a bomb shelter during the blitz.
Jules: Steve, the video for 'You Don't Care About Us', were you really thrown to the sharks or was it done by trick camera thingies?? Thanks!
steve: Yes we were really thrown in, we had wetsuits under our outfits, it was really cold and we sank to the bottom because we were weighted down.
Brian: The sharks were our friends, we often go down the pub for a pint.
Stefan: We left the shark infested pool of the music industry to join the friendlier species in a London aquarium.
Jules: Brian, where did you get your excellent army camouflage tights from - I need some urgently!!!! Thanks!
brian: Wood Green shopping centre.
Leah Nchama: 'Ello spaceboys. The band has a collection of amazing B-sides that some fans wouldn't get to hear if they only stick to buying the albums. Have you guys ever thought of releasing a compilation of your B-sides? Much, much unconditional love, dah-lings... Leah
Brian: Well sweetie pumpkin lumps, it will happen at the right time.
Stefan: Funny you said that, we were thinking exactly the same thing.
Bridget Brno: With which character in "Rocky Horror Picture Show" do each of you most relate?
Steve: Meat Loaf
Brian: Frankenfurter
Stefan: Rocky
Kristoffer: Hjr e det att spela med Placebo då??? känns det bra eller e det jobbigt att prata engelska hela tiden??? //Kristoffer
stefan: I have been away from my home turf for so long, that i have a really hard time stringing a coherent sentence together and by the way are you my cousin from Gothenburg?
Steve: Only in the back with a black plastic mac.
Brian: Fuzzy the Duzzy fuck
Stefan: You what?!
laura: how do you feel now you've got sad teeny-boppers following you around?
Brian: Old.
Kristen: you are an exquisite bassist. where did you learn your technique? as a bassist myself, i enjoy watching you play...
stefan: In my basement, locked away for weeks on end with only my tool for company.
pristine: You have a really distinct style of drumming really fast and incredibly accurate who are your favorite drummers? Did they inspire your style?
steve: Michael B from Prince, Stewart Copelandfrom The Police, Jimmy Chamberlaine from the Pumpkins, Bonzo Bonham and yes they do inspire me. Like old friends.
becky sanders: whats the worst hair do/ make up blunder you've ever made
Steve: When I had a mullet
Brian: Too many to mention.
Stefan: I agree with Steve on that.
Quasi Imp: What tips can you give to get the 'creative juices' flowing ?
Steve: Pizza Express 4 cheeses pizza.
Brian: Try to get embaressed as often as possible.
Stefan: Sqeeze the lemon til the juice runs down your leg.
Pierre from 36 Degrees: I'll be at the Zenith on Feb ! D'ya have any big surprises for the french public ????
Brian: If I told you it would'nt be a surprise.
Jane: Why did you call off that gig in Berlin last November?
Brian: Because they hadnt finished building the venue. It was structurally unsafe to play.
Stefan: And the promoter ran around spreading malicious rumours that we couldnt be bothered to play which is not true.
brian: I will fuck you up the arse then i will sneak into your room and cut your cock off and stuff it in my mouth.
Maria: Are you glad you went on CD:UK? Don't you feel a bit silly?
Steve: It's for the kids and it was a laugh.
Brian: Would'nt you.
Dutch Queen: Who is supporting you at your forthcoming Paris concert?
Brian: Idlewild.
Red-Cat: Brian> Do you drink tea?? If so, do you take sugar and dunk biscuits. If you dunk, what kind of biscuits do you like?
brian: Disco Biscuits.
*frenchie*: Do you regret your comment saying that all football fans can go and 'fuck themselves' because as a huge football and Placebo fan I was offended.
steve: Bollocks.
Brian: Do you think that claiming that handicapped people are being punished for sins in another life wont offend people?
shelly: i saw you no the nme review thing you said that people can't understand a cock in a frock,i do and i think you look ace to my question are you playing reading festival this year?i hope so
brian: Thank you Shelly, don't know yet.
Sarah: What is your favourite item of stationary?
Brian: A twelve inch ruler.
steve: My rubber
Stefan: Nipple clamps
cheesy: What kinda undies do you wear under your skirt/trousers?
brian: Send us a picture of yours and we'll tell you.
Dutch Queen: Do you ever look at the strange conversations going on at chatrooms on websites dedicated to you?
Brian: I spend hours amuzing myself over Stefan.
Stefan: Yes, I spend hours amuzing myself over Boyzone retaliations to our little incident at TOTP.
Stunt Girl: Is that Einstein t-shirt you wear actually Chris McCormacks, or did he nick the idea from you? (i've seen one exactly the same in his wardrobe!)
brian: No, we probably bought it at the same shop
Stefan: Brian, what have you been up to?
Steve: What are you doing in Chris' wardrobe?
peter a: The best kiss you ever had, was that a boy or a girl?
brian: That's a tough one.
Niki: Tori Amos or Courtney Love?
Stefan: Miss Love.
Brian: Both please.
Steve: Niehter.
Tanya: Hello. I was wondering what your strangest fan experience has been so far? Thank-you. XOXO
Brian: My girlfriend being attacked by one in a club.
Steve: Throwing one out of my hallway at 4am.
bagpuss: Who takes the photographs that you use for your records and how do you decide which ones to use?
stefan: Corinne Day for this one.
Metalboy: I am also a keen bassist and would just like to know what bass/strings/pick-ups you use - I really love the bassline to Without You I'm Nothing, it's pure genius!
stefan: Well thank you. Pick ups that are older than me, because you know I like mine older.
Brianne Jordan: My friend says you were in Boyzone, and I doubt it. True or false?? And what incident at TOTP
stefan: I thought Placebo are a boy band.
Brian: My friend says you were in Bananarama.
Kneeloo: What is the most embarrasing album you have in your record collection?
Stefan: The number of the beast by Iron Maiden.
Brian: Mine's Boney M.
Steve: ERic Delaney - Drum movie themes, cost me a pound from Oxfam.
ParanoidAndroid: What do U think about starting a subculture of lookalike Goths ???
Stefan: Subterranean more like.
Bridget: At the LA show in December (the one with Stefan in a dress) there seemed to be an amazing ammount of this a common occurance at your shows or just a freak incedent?
Brian: We are very popular with leprechauns and our next tour is somewhere over the rainbow. My muchkin was punchdrunk his name was pushkin.
Brianne Jordan: How do you guys react when people tell you they want in your pants (or dress)?
Brian: How old are you?
The Creep Who Sold The World: What is the meaning of life?
Stefan: Ask Six by Seven
Liz: Hello,guys! Foremost I wanted to mention that you guys are exceedingly considerate of your fans. (I'm one of the girls from the Mamakin and New York shows who you were so incredibly kind to) You seemed really cool with just sitting down and having a chat, which a lot of bands wouldn't have been bothered with. Does it do your head in to talk to people who admire you so much?
brian: As long as they dont treat you like an alien it's not too weird.
Sylvie: Who can you trust?
stefan: Absolutely no one.