Placebo at Glastonbury

Just before Placebo became the first band to play on the Other Stage, wee Brian Molko made it very clear he was legging it the moment they finished. "We got here by bus cos we were playing in France last night. That was really good because I've been getting into stage-diving and I was in the audience last night. You can be sure that's not gonna happen at Glastonbury. It took us an hour and a half to get in, becuase every five yards we'd meet a guy in a yellow jacked saying, "you're not playing!" and the next guy would say, "you're playing!" so we just decided that we were and came in anyway."

"I've never been in such a big mud pit before. I feel like I'm at Woodstock or something. I'm not a festival virgin, but usually there's been some grass on the ground. To be honest, we're not a muddy kind of band-we like our creature comforts. We did get our rider, though, and our dodgy friends have turned up, and that's what's important."

"This is the first Glastonbury I've been to, and it's not as cool as i imagined because the weather is dictationg the kind of fun you could have. It would be a bad place to do ecstasy because you might get into the viscosity of the mud a bit too much. We did camp at Phoenix lasst year when the band was on the verge of splitting up, which you could tell by the way the band positioned their tents. I'm not gonna wear a dress today-these trousers are staying on. I wanted to get a new dress for Glastonbury. It's a good job I didn't."

thanks to larissa for typing this article