36 Degrees an awesome site in french (tons of pics)

Brick Shithouse a fantastic site with lots of pics, tabs, a chat, and sounds

Placebo Online another great page, and this one is updated regularly

Placebo Home Page a cool site and this one is updated all the time

Lipstick Trace you have to check this site out,it's great...don't miss it

The Sea For Answers this site has loads of good stuff on placebo

PLACEBO Web a beautiful site with scanned pictures and great text, this is for Japanese fans but it is worth the visit

heaven in a tourniquet a great selection of placebo articles and more coming soon...

Sucker Love: Artistically Challenged Placebo Images awesome placebo pics

Christine's Placebo Home Page placebo page, still growing

eyeholes in a paper bag fantastic placebo page, check it out

A Placebo Site for the Artistic Soul a site designated for fans of Placebo to share their own artistic tendencies: art, poetry, etc

Placebo: Shallow has altered pics, info and other stuff

Svetlana's Pure Placebo has mp3s, vivs, midis, lyrics, polls...everything you need, a great site

and when she's pressed she will undress a growing placebo site

We ARE the Weirdos a growing placebo site, it has an interview with brian and links

scared of girls a nice placebo site

A Muse In My Head a cool site, love the wallpaper

Martijn's Placebo Bootleg placebo bootlegs

My Sweet Prince a great site with a nice layout

never thought all this could expire just check it out

Placebo - Brian Molko spits - save David Bowie! **warning** don't go here unless you have a sense of humor

RIAZ AND DANIELS PLACEBO PAGE looks good, but sometimes it doesn't work

CyberBabe's Tribute to Placebo has good information and pics

CyberBabe's Tribute to Placebo has good information and pics

Placebo a baby placebo page

s w a l l o w. [Placebo U.S.] a fantastic site...this is a must see placebo site

dead flowers and silent hours beautiful, worth your time

Official Raft Placebo Page here is the Official site. it's still growing right now, but it has some cool stuff on it...check it out

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Steve Sites~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Nancy Boy : a shrine to Steve Hewitt this page is brilliant!! check it out...

Steve is Spiffy : the first Steve Hewitt fanclub come on...join...it's great!

Steve Hewitt is Tops Society well, that says it all


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Brian Sites~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Brian Molko and Placebo Fan Club just what it says, check it out

Brian Lovers Outrageously an absolutely lovely brian page...check it out,it's fantastic!

My 20th century boy a brian site with unique pics and a pic of when she met him...very nice

My SwEeT PriNce WiThOut YoU I'M NotHinG a brian site with a very nice set-up

My Sweet Prince a wonderful brian page

My Sweet Prince this is another great Brian site (it is different from the other My Sweet Prince page)

My Sweet Prince ~this is another great Brian site (it is different from the other My Sweet Prince pages)


Blister a fantastic placebo site with video stills and hilarious comics

Introverted kind of soul a new placebo web page....watch out for it, it's going to be great!!

Placebo the gods of glam a cool page with great info and goodies

Dark Globe Theatre a placebo video page~~it's great

Plastic Venus good site, i love the video stills

Bionic an interesting site where you can submit your placebo concert reviews

Placebo Caroline their record company

Forgotten Horizon a nice placebo page with cute things

Burger Queen a nice placebo site (love the background)

Placebo-Beautiful Freak nice page, but sometimes it doesn't work

The Placebo Shrine a growing placebo page

Pure Morning a new placebo site

Miss Moneypenny a nice page, but i don't think its been updated in awhile

BRUISE PRISTINE another good site

Plac3bo's 'Zine: Placebo love this place, but it hasn't been updated in a while

Placebo @ Music Videos here you can see the whole 36 Degrees Video

Black Session: Placebo a great placebo picture page

Placebo a good site with great pics she took at a placebo concert

Since I was born i started to decay a great site...still growing

[ T h e _I n d e p e n d e n t_ W e b ] a nice placebo site with some cool pics

How I met Placebo well, exactly what it says *s*

punk pop for postponed suicides nice page too

Without You I'm Nothing great page...one to look out for, but it's still growing

The Crawl a good baby page still be worked on

Placebo a good page with great info and pics

Placebo a small placebo page

This is my Hollywood he met Brian...come look at his pics :)

S w e e t P r i n c e s a good page with great info and pics

Happily Bleeding a nice page

Polished to the Nth Degree a nice placebo site with some cool pics

Placebo: the original nancy boys a very informative site

Kitsch Object very good, check it out...

Placebo in Australia nice site, with fresh information

Placebo Stuffexactly what it says

Pure Morning-A Placebo Page very good site

GARBAGE AND PLACEBO CONCERT great picture of Placebo in concert

THE ULTIMATE PLACEBO LINKS PAGE a cool site with all links on Placebo

Jen8placebo this is just a fantastic site...

placebo concert photography placebo concert photos

placebo Southside Festival concert photography placebo concert, good pics photos

Pure Placebo another breathtakingly good placebo site

The English Music Page placebo page, still under construction

bleeding heart a beautiful placebo site

brian molko cloning lab get your own little brian clone here :)

Placebo at Brixton Academy plenty of pictures from this concert

Glamourpuss a beautiful placebo page

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Non-Placebo Sites~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Argue til 3am my sister and I's other web site dedicated to a great band and really sweet guys of matchbox 20. We have posted our concert pics of matchbox20, blur, our lady peace, fuel, third eye blind, the wallflowers, semisonic, old 97's, wilco, mercury rev, cool for august, whiskeytown, black lab and r.e.m.

Eyeliner Fetish great place...you just have to see it for yourself


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