(12/18/98, 1 a.m. PST) - Earlier this week, a pissing match reportedly broke out onstage and off stage at the WXRK K-Rock New York "92 Cent Low-Dough" concert between androgynous glam trio Placebo--which is enjoying its first modern rock hit "Pure Morning"--white rapper Kid Rock and hard-rockers Limp Bizkit. Some may have been surprised that Placebo singer/ guitarist Brian Molko made some disparaging remarks about Kid Rock onstage at the radio-sponsored concert and had a war of words with Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst backstage, but we weren't too surprised. In a recent interview with myLAUNCH, the outspoken Molko talked freely about several acts he dislikes, and admitted that he even has arguments with his own bandmates about their musical taste.

"The only bone of contention musically I have with my drummer Steve [Hewitt] is that we argue about Coolio a lot," Molko said. "The last big argument we had was over a Coolio video for 'Too Hot.' I found it very patronizing. But these things never really stick with us for too long. I was giving [bassist] Stefan [Olsdal] a hard time for liking the Cardigans. I think they're just terrible and the only reason he likes them is loyalty because they're Swedish, so I was giving him a hard time about that. I can be very abrasive when it comes to stuff like that."

Pleading guilty as charged to feeling loyal to the Cardigans, the Swedish Olsdal spoke about the bands recently sharing a bill in San Francisco. "It was the first time I saw them and I was quite disappointed," he admitted. "[The Cardigans] need a bit more energy onstage. Brian hates them, [but] I felt a strange affinity for them. I had to defend them because they're Swedish and they're my mates. They write good songs."

Hewitt concurred that the members of Placebo don't also agree musically. "I listen to Erykah Badu, and Brian can't stand it. And Lauryn Hill, just musically, it's fantastic. I appreciate Lauryn Hill's voice. Brian is much more punk, rock, and stuff like that. Stefan is pretty easygoing. He's more into disco these days."

However, he too had some strong opinions about some of the band's peers. "I'm glad Britpop is dead," Hewitt said. "It was an absolute waste of time and a marketing ploy. We're still kind of stuck with it in England. And I hate the American scene is that every singer sounds like Eddie Vedder. Porno For Pyros' Perry Farrell is the only guy with a different voice. I think they play the same band on [modern rock station] KROQ [Los Angeles] all day. I can't understand how people can decipher different kinds of music when it all sounds the same."